The Secret Middle-ground Between Retiring and Getting Your Dream

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In fact for others, it’s mostly having to make up for those hours spend on second or back up jobs they did to make ends meet. And so now, for many, the ambition is to live in their dream home.

According to statistics, many individuals aged 50-60 are taking on ambitious home improvement projects, whether it’s in the country or overseas, hoping to realise their dream home.

Based on this trend, it’s clear that a lot of would-be retirees are searching for something more fulfilling to do during retirement. And for many, it’s all about chasing their dreams – a clear indication that they haven’t lost the zest for life.

Now, building your dream home costs money. Unfortunately, not everyone has had the opportunity to save for their retirement and afford the luxury of spending. Obviously, the more expensive cost of living has made this a very tough challenge that it’s come to being almost impossible to even maintain a decent living. So just imagine the difficulty of working hard for comfort.

But then again, I always believed that for as long as you’re breathing, you always have the chance to earn the income you need to enjoy the life you want.

And that is what I try to impart in any of my property investing training events. Yes, I talk about investment tips, strategies and all that. But these things are merely tools. My real goal is to open your minds about just how much you can accomplish with what you already have. This is why whenever I hold workshops; I pretty much focus on trying to get people to think of what it is they want. More than being able to succeed in investing in property, it’s the freedom you gain from work that makes all the energy you spend well worth it.

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