The Right Time To Invest In Property

When is it the best time to invest in property? Rick Otton gives you the run down on when to invest.

People always ask when is it the right time to be investing in property. The ones pondering this question know they want to invest. But for some reason or another, they always face hurdles they can’t seem to escape. For instance, how do you invest in a property if you still have a mortgage to pay? Or for that matter, how do you invest in property if rent money is eating too much out of your income?

These things make it seem impossible to invest in property to a point that people end up wondering if they will ever have that perfect moment where they’ll be able to invest in property. But the truth is, no time is a “perfect time”. What that means is any time can be ‘the’ time to invest if you choose to do so.

In this video, Rick Otton, and co-host Greg Dixon, go over all kinds of questions viewers have sent in, all of which point to challenges that hinder them from investing.

Rick Otton tackles each scenario and explains practical workaround strategies to show you that any time can be ‘the’ time to invest in property, should you decide to do so.

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