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“I knew this was the way to go forward. The old way or the way I had been doing it hadn’t been working.”

Danny Unthank – Redcar, United Kingdom

Danny was a self-employed electrical engineer by trade who was investing in property using the traditional strategy of buying properties, refurbishing and then reselling.

Danny attended Rick Otton Zero-Debt Property Cashflow Conference in 2011 where he was able to learn new property strategies such as lease options and instalment contracts.

With Danny’s learning, he was able to turn what looked like negative property situations into positive property situations that were profitable.

One recent transaction that Danny completed was a property owned by Mrs. Robinson in Longbeck Road in Marske. Mrs. Robinson had this property on the market with an estate agent for a long time and came to Danny for his help as she was motivated to sell.

Danny was able to purchase the property from Mrs. Robinson for £90,000, without any of his own money invested, and then on-sold it to a new buyer using the lease option strategy for £100,000 with a monthly cashflow of £210.

Watch the full interview with Rick Otton and Danny Unthank here

*Results Not Typical. Individual Results May Vary


“I have been implementing Rick’s strategies since I have finished the conference. And it really works! Now I am able to have the freedom to choose when to work and where I work.”Fion Chen – Manchester, United Kingdom

Fion is a mother of two who ran a take-away shop with her husband and brother. Fion has always been interested in property especially buying property below market value.”It was good at the start. Then gradually, when the recession came, all the money dried out. I could not raise any money from anybody, including myself. We just couldn’t buy properties using these traditional strategies.”To continue her property journey, Fion went on to looking for alternative options and attended Rick Otton’s 3-day conference.”I was buzzing after the three days and just couldn’t wait to take action.”The day after the conference Fion took everything she had learnt from Rick, started advertising with simple cardboard signs and found a vendor that was motivated to sell his properties as they were in negative equity.Fion was able to close the deal for the two properties in the same week!

Listen to the full story with Rick Otton and Fion Chen here

*Results Not Typical. Individual Results May Vary


“I wanted something new, challenging, and exciting. I was really the guy that was going out there and testing to see what was going on and making sure that every transaction went from beginning to end. And that is satisfaction beyond words.”David Lee – London England

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, David migrated to the United Kingdom in 1994 with his wife and young family. Whilst spending the first few years working long and hard to establish a new life in a foreign country, David decided to embark upon a career change that would bring him the financial freedom that wasn’t forthcoming with the daily grind of working hard and not smart.Although well-versed with the readings of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), George S. Glason (The Richest Man in Babylon), Harry S. Dent Jr. (The Great Boom Ahead), and more, David deliberately sought out mentors to transform the theory into practice. This one move would prove to be the vital turning point to breaking away from the corporate life that David felt was enslaving him to just living above their means as the never-ending expenses of raising a family tends to do.David returned to his native Australia in March 2002 where he became one of the very first protégés of the emerging property tycoon, Rick Otton.

From these humble beginnings David and Rick worked closely to develop and implement brand new methods of cash flow investing techniques for the UK market that Rick was launching into the Australian and New Zealand markets.It was David the assisted Rick in the responsibility of helping their UK lawyers to develop the paperwork documents that David would subsequently go out and implement as he bought and sold property using system known as instalment contracts, lease options, sandwich options, as well as assisted joint ventures. At first David was buying property in the conventional manner with a mortgage and on-selling using an instalment contract or lease option. But eventually they were able to introduce the investing technique in 2007 that completely bypassed the need to apply for a bank mortgage or save a large deposit.In order to educate the British market on the existence of these alternative strategies to the traditional ‘Buy to Let’ philosophy that was highly dependent on a rising market and capital growth dependency, David has gone on to building a successful property portfolio using the techniques that Rick and himself brought to the United Kindgom.

Listen to the audio interview with Rick Otton and David Lee here

*Results Not Typical. Individual Results May Vary

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