Rick Otton’s Book Makes List Of Money Magazine’s Top Finance Books For 2012

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The list was compiled in conjunction with one of Australia’s leading booksellers, Dymocks, and included books on topics that included Superannuation, the GFC and Taxation.

“Following the release, we’ve held a series of free seminars and several bootcamps for those who’d read the book and wanted to explore its concepts in greater depth,” said Mr Otton.

“Our prime objective in writing the book was to show everyday Australians that there are many ways to buy and sell real estate,” said Mr Otton. “So we are, of course, delighted that a specialist financial publication like Money Magazine has recognised the books worth by including it in such a prestigious list.”

“In the book I will explain why property transactions don’t have to begin and end with the banks – and I know that once people grasp this basic precept, and begin to think creatively, they will embrace the strategies that I put before them,” he continued.

Mr Otton believes that there are aspects of the traditional property system in many countries, including the UK, that are outdated, and no longer work to the advantage of the average person. The self-employed and those with a poor credit history, in particular, struggle to meet the loan requirements of the banks.

“My strategies help more people become home owners, and give sellers options to get the price they want in a challenging real estate market,” said Mr Otton. “So for the Australian version of my book to be selected by Dymocks and Money Magazine as one of the best for 2012 is truly gratifying.”

Until that time, however, Mr Otton has a free Power Property Profits Pack, valued at over 300 pounds, now available, without any obligation, at RickOtton.co.uk”

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