Rick Otton to Teach Renters How to Own a House During the UK Property Conference

“The latest research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors proves how some lettings agents are abusing and cashing in on the rental boom. Apparently, unscrupulous lettings agents are charging unfairly high fees for aspects of renting such as credit checks and renewing contracts.

For renters and aspiring home buyers who are conserving their moneys for the required deposit in a home purchase, this is truly devastating.

“It’s truly sad to know that there are individuals and families who are losing loads of money while being stuck in the lettings sector. The deeper they are in debt, the harder it will be for them to get a loan and buy their own house,” Otton explained.

And this is one of the reasons why Otton will be coming to the UK in 2013 to conduct a 3-day conference. “I will share innovative and creative strategies to help renters and aspiring homeowners purchase their own home. I will show them exactly how they can use these strategies using real figures, real houses, and real transactions,” Otton said.

Buying a house using seller finance has already been implemented years ago, specifically in the purchase of well-known lands, properties, and establishments – including the London Evening Standard newspaper, which was sold for £1.00 in 2009.

Mr. Otton has taken this principle and developed creative and innovative property investment strategies to build a property portfolio with little capital. “The principle may be a bit new to you and may sound impossible to work. But it does work and the success of my students is a testament to that.” Otton said.

David Tiffin, is one of the many students of Otton. “Since attending Rick Otton’s course 13-14 months ago, I was able to buy 4 houses and was able to gather several buyers who bought the properties through rent-to-buy. Most of them are ready to exercise their options, allowing me to cash out. It’s fantastic!”

You can learn how to buy a house with little starting capital – whether you’re buying out of a personal need or whether you are thinking of purchasing investment properties – by attending Otton’s upcoming conference in the UK.

Grab your ticket to Rick Otton’s Zero Debt Property Cashflow Conference 2013 here: http://meetrickotton.co.uk/conference”

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