Rick Otton To Reveal Strategies for Property Investing as UK Loses AAA Credit Rating

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The Sun newspaper has reported that Moody’s decision was based on the British government’s inability to reign in the country’s debts, and that a that any reversal in the rating was unlikely to occur until 2016.

“The British people won’t notice an overnight difference in their everyday lives, but as the months tick by the impact on the housing market could be dramatic” said Mr Otton. “A big picture scenario is that it will cost more to finance business operations in the UK, so companies may move offshore, local jobs will be lost, and some people will be unable to meet their home loan repayments.”

Mr Otton says that, for people who are at the mercy of he banks, when this happens they believe that their property options to be limited. If they cannot meet their mortgage payments, they will either need to sell their homes, often at a loss, or default on their mortgage.

“But for those who have embraced the strategies that I teach, who have learned how to invest in property using alternative forms of financing like seller finance, things can be very very different” he said. “When you are buying and selling on your own terms, and negotiating directly with people and not institutions, external influencers like Moody’s credit rating just don’t matter.”

Mr Otton, a property master who has been mentoring UK residents for 10 years on how to make money in property, has recently shared his strategies on a webinar, which is now free for all to access.

To celebrate his 10th Anniversary of being a UK property mastermind, Mr Otton is hosting a 3 day property investment conference in Maidenhead, in April. Details are at: MeetRickOtton.co.uk”

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