Rick Otton Conference to Reveal Alternative Solutions for UK Property Investors as Housing Prices Stagnate and Owners Battle with Negative Equity

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Mr Otton says the event is crucial given new reports which show average housing prices in the British housing market have gone on a downward slide in the past five years, with some regions particularly hit.

The reports, outlined in The Guardian newspaper, also found that many buyers of new-build luxury flats in UK’s provincial cities were bogged in negative equity, while young families were continuing to put their dreams of home ownership on the back burner due to impossibly high deposit requirements.

Cashflow Conference

“As the housing market situation in the UK is predicted to remain quite flat throughout 2013, it’s up to property investors to learn how to make money in property and accumulate long-term passive income,” Mr Otton said.

“The Zero-Debt Property Cashflow Conference will reveal to participants unconventional but tried-and-tested ways of real estate investment. These include, for example, how to buy property using seller finance, buy-to-let transactions and creating positive cash flow on multiple properties.

“At the event, UK residents will get the rare opportunity to learn some of my progressive property strategies in a highly interactive and intense training environment. Putting some of my creative real estate strategies into action will mean no more negative equity or delaying dreams for home ownership.”

Mr Otton said that as a professional property investor with more than 20 years of experience in the field and as a mentor to tens of thousands of students from across the world, he was on a personal mission to transform the future of buying and selling properties.

“I’ll show you how to buy a house with my proven property system,” Mr Otton said. “Anyone can learn my easy-to-copy strategies and make money in property while the economy continues to be sluggish in 2013.”

For more details on the event, being held 19-21 April 2013) visit MeetRickOtton.co.uk.”

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