About Us

Rick Otton is the problem solver of what others deem as “unsolvable” property problems in Australia and UK.

After years of investing in property, Rick Otton realised there are problems the traditional property system is not able to solve. Additionally, since the Global Financial Crisis, banks around the world have become more conservative in their lending practices, which makes it harder for people to find financing.

What happens to people with property problems? Their quality of life diminishes. The stress of not having a solution can negatively affect their lives and their families’ lives. The worst outcome is they can lose their property and potentially become bankrupt.

A property problem can happen at anytime. Yet when it occurs, most people aren’t ready for it; often having no backup plan or a system to move forward.

It may be that you:

– Want to sell your property but you owe more money on it than what it’s worth
– Want a solution because you are unable to make your mortgage payments
– Want to turn around your negatively geared property to cash flow neutral or positive
– Want to get on the property ladder but the banks say no
– Want to help others and at the same time invest in property by following a proven system
– Want a property system to create monthly cash flow and income

Rick Otton aims to helping you achieve your property goals.

Rick Otton’s Business Mission Statement: Help sellers sell their property for the price they want, help buyers realise their dream of homeownership and help property investors create monthly cash flow and income.

To learn more, tune in to Rick Otton’s weekly Property Podcast show, We Buy Houses Radio here: www.webuyhousesradio.com

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